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About Us

What is CRA?

The California Redevelopment Association was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1979. Its name was changed to the California Redevelopment Association Foundation and an affiliated not-for-profit trade association called the California Redevelopment Association was formed in December, 2006. These two affiliated organizations (hereafter referred to as CRA) represent redevelopment agencies and allied firms throughout the state of California in responding to legislative proposals and administrative regulations, providing member services, conducting training and professional development events, and providing public information regarding redevelopment law and activities. Legislative Advocacy

CRA sponsors, supports, opposes, and monitors redevelopment and related legislation, providing advocacy services in the State Capital.

Professional Development

CRA provides education and networking opportunities for redevelopment practitioners so they can effectively apply California redevelopment law and regulations in reducing blight, promoting economic development, creating jobs, and developing affordable housing in their communities. CRA conducts educational seminars and conferences each year and publishes workbooks and documents regarding various aspects of redevelopment.

Public Education

CRA supports redevelopment agencies in educating the public, members of the press, public officials, and legislators about the benefits and accomplishments of redevelopment and its contributions to livable communities with affordable housing, infrastructure development, jobs creation, and economic viability of cities and counties in California.

Member Services

CRA publishes a monthly Redevelopment Journal, periodic legislative analyses, a membership directory, and other publications. It also conducts regional briefings on current issues and maintains a clearinghouse for information pertaining to redevelopment.

Governance & Funding

Eighteen executive directors or designees from local redevelopment agencies constitute the Board of Directors of CRA. The Board is assisted by an Advisory Board comprised of representatives from private businesses. CRA also has various standing committees of its members. Funding for CRA is primarily through agency and organization membership dues and seminar registration fees.

Professional Development & Public Education Events

CRA’s conferences, seminars and workshops improve the skill sets and knowledge bases of redevelopment practitioners.