Post-Redevelopment Legislation Update

Last Friday, the League of California Cities (League) posted on its website an update on post-redevelopment legislation, Long, Strange Trip for Post-Redevelopment Legislation in Senate.   In addition, the following is an update on the Department of Finance (DOF) trailer bill:

Assembly and Senate Budget staff are working on a joint proposal addressing the DOF trailer bill.  Last Thursday, the League has provided the budget staff with language to rewrite the trailer bill.  On Friday, the League distributed the following to city officials seeking comment no later than Thursday, June 7:   

League Develops Initial Draft Amendments to DOF Trailer Bill City Officials Encouraged to Review and Submit Comments

The proposed redevelopment trailer bill released recently by the Department of Finance (DOF) has been strongly opposed by the League and housing advocacy groups. Members of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #4, chaired by Assembly Member Joan Buchanan (D-San Ramon), have also voiced concerns with DOF's draconian approach. 

As a follow up to the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #4 meeting on Wednesday May 23, the League was asked to submit amendments to the DOF trailer bill, which would identify specifically the most objectionable provisions of the measure, along with any alternative language. Time was of the essence given that Capitol staff is already drafting language in advance of the upcoming budget deadline.

League staff worked over the Memorial Day holiday to prepare a preliminary draft, and after some additional internal reviews, submitted a draft to the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #4 staff on Thursday, May 31.

The League's amendments would remove the most objectionable provisions of the DOF trailer bill, propose a more balanced process for resolving various disputes, insert key provisions from AB 1585 (Pérez) and SB 1335 (Pavley), suggest an alternative method of funding affordable housing projects if the housing money is taken for the state budget, propose a safe harbor from asset claw backs for agencies that make specified payments, and many other provisions.

A brief summary of the League's proposed amendments to the DOF redevelopment trailer bill( and a full copy of the League's draft amendments ( to the DOF redevelopment trailer bill have been posted on the League's website.

The League requests that city officials quickly review and comment. The legislative process is expected to accelerate quickly toward the June 15 constitutional deadline for the Legislature to adopt a budget. The following would be most helpful:

  1. Provide any comments and suggestions to the League on the draft as soon as possible but no later than by 5 p.m., Thursday, June 7. Comments should be sent to Dan Carrigg, legislative director at and Patrick Whitnell, general counsel

  2. Continue to share any issues affecting redevelopment dissolution with your legislator.

  3. Continue to ask your legislator to oppose the DOF trailer bill and advocate for more balanced solutions that are fair to local government.

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